WhosYourDaddy; Chief Daddy is giving out 1 million naira


The final quarter of 2018 not only roles out with shows packed back to back to back but all the amazing blockbusters and box office movies are coming through one after the other unlike concerts in Lagos every other day these release are spaced out. The first on our list to watch this December is Chief Daddy the Movie. The plot follows ”Chief Daddy”tells the story of the family of billionaire industrialist Chief Beecroft and the drama that unfolds after his passing. Trailer below

Get this according Famzy, Chief Daddy is giving 1 million Naira to someone innit!

Simply follow the steps and win
How to win: 👇🏾 1. Watch the movie as soon as its out
2. Visit www.playtq.com to register
3. By 9pm on the 18th of December, take the Chief Daddy quiz and get the highest score. 🏆


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