Who Will Challenge Gala’s Dominance?

Who Will Challenge Gala’s Dominance
Who Will Challenge Gala’s Dominance

Daniel Ailemen

They are simple to make- get a good mix of wheat flour, vegetable oil, salt, beef, spices and water and add whatever else you like and you have sausage rolls.

Package, market and promote them and you have brands such as UACN’s Gala, Leventis Foods Limited’s Meaty sausage roll), Chi Limited’s SuperBite beef sausage roll and Beefy beef roll). Others are Food Concept’s Yum Yum beef roll), and Rite Foods Limited, makers of Rite and Bigi beef rolls.

Indeed, there are all kinds of sausage rolls in the marketplace today, they range from the oven-baked types, which are served mainly in the fast food shops such as Mr. Biggs, Tantalizers, Sweet Sensation, Chicken Republic among others, to the unbranded local type.

Sausage rolls are well marketed but poorly promoted. Some are cheap, while others are priced at the Net Present Value (NPV); some are of high quality; others are poor. Some are hygienically packed in cellophane, while others are left open in the open air and hawked.

Whichever way you look at sausage rolls, branding has made the difference.

A brand, which is a name that customers know and react to, outweighs the physical value of the item that is branded, whether honestly or trickily, the brand manipulates a buyer’s perception of a product’s worth.

Now to the question; Is Gala really the king of sausage rolls in Nigeria? A survey of the sausage rolls market seems to point in this direction because no brand is currently well-positioned to challenge Gala.

For any brand to beat Gal, the following Gala’s pedigree may be a challenge for them; apart  from having been in existence for the past 57 years, the brand has a delicious taste and of different variance, consistent quality, biodegradable cellophane package which is environmentally-friendly. Some customers have also come to like it for its not “Salty” taste.

In addition, the packaging is written in the three major Nigerian languages, namely Yorubas, Igbo and Hausa for mass appeal.

Gala is strategically positioned as a national brand. Its distribution network cuts across major towns and cities in Nigeria, giving brand visibility. Its 10-days average shelf life has also made it one of the best preserved branded sausage rolls in the industry. To maintain its leadership position, UACN recently upgraded its facilities to make its products more available in the marketplace.

Marketing research report on branded sausage rolls revealed that Gala remained the number one brand in the market, with this; it is quite clear that Gala has not been threatened by any other in the marketplace.

To keep other brands at a distance and also to cut into their market share, Gala sausage rolls has added variety like Mega Gala to its range.

 Mrs Joan Ihekwaba, General Marketing Manager of UAC Foods stressed that the Mega Gala, which is a larger size of the popular Gala sausage roll, has what others lack. This, she said puts it at a pole position.

“The mega Gala is the first sausage roll in Nigeria to include micronutrients for the health and nutrition of its consumers. The product is enriched with vitamins and minerals such as Zinc, Iron, Folic acid and Iodine as well as Vitamin B1 and B2.”

Gala is indeed king of sausage rolls.

As Ihekwaba has always maintained, ever since Gala launched its hunger-stopping mission in 1962, the King of sausage rolls has continually delivered on its promise to its consumers.

Gala, now a generic name in the sausage roll segment, has been able to gallantly defeat cheap imitators and maintain its leadership position through unparallel communication strategies and relevant social responsibility. Little wonder why the musician, Harrysong recorded a song specially to the King during the mega Gala launched.

Gala sausage roll comes in two packages: Gala Mini and Gala Mega. The mini is N50 and the Mega as the name suggests is N100.

The market seems to be the domain of Gala and what may topple its leadership is the expired ones that someimes get to unsuspecting buyers.

Will the marketplace continues to be the preserve of Gala, the consumers who are willing to spend more for better satisfaction will continually decide.


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