What PDP Leaders Can Learn From Oyo Gubernatorial Election – Ademola Oyedeji

What PDP Leaders Can Learn From Oyo Gubernatorial Election
What PDP Leaders Can Learn From Oyo Gubernatorial Election

There is a lot of lessons the National Working Committee of Peoples Democratic Party can learn from the victory of Seyi Makinde in the 2019 governorship general election in Oyo State.

When the people are angry about sitting governor who is not a member of your party, PDP as an opposition in the state has to provide a better alternative that is also popular in the state.

Let us take Oyo PDP victory as a case study. Seyi Makinde contested a senatorial election in 2007 but he lost. He then contested a governorship election in 2015, he was denied the PDP ticket but he moved to SDP in which he contested on the platform of the party with over 50,000 votes on election day.

Let us fast forward to 2019 general election. Seyi Makinde knew he needs a bigger platform to realise his governorship ambition, so moving back to PDP was the major steps towards that. This time around, he is popular across the state from Ibadan to Ogbomosho to Oke-Ogun.

This makes it easy for him to face the arrogant incumbent and his candidate.

In this case, PDP had a good candidate so it is easy to capitalise on the incumbent defective leadership. The alliance with 4 other major opposition parties 10 days to the election was the last masterstroke. In the end, Makinde won 28 out of 33 Local Government in the most one-sided governorship election in Oyo State since 1999.

Going Forward, PDP Leaders shouldn’t depend on “People hate the governor, they will vote for us”. The National Working Committee of the party should ensure every governorship primaries produce a credible candidate so as to give the people a better alternative going into governorship election.


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