Website Design Deal for SMEs by Lupark DC

Ambi Digital to give 30% discount on a monthly social media management retainer for 3 months

Lupark DC
Lupark DC

Towards the end of last year, CEO Lupark DC;
Parklins Ifeanyichukwu made a post on Facebook seeking your opinion on a cost that’s friendly for SME’s to get a good website design that gives a positive external perception to their brand.

I believe that a website design is more than a brand asset, it is a space where brands can fully express and communicate what makes their brand stand out. 

It is a standard source of your brand’s credibility that adds up to your social proof. When utilized properly, can become a major tool to improve sales, customer trust and loyalty as it can be a tool where you bring in the bits of the amazing things you do as a brand to tell a story with a compelling website user experience. 

After putting all the work to deliver value as a brand, you need a good website to help you clearly communicate how much value you can deliver. A good website can position your brand as an authority in your space there by giving a positive perception to your prospective clients. 

My team at Lupark DC was in the comments gathering feedback and we are able to work a cost of N200K to make this a reality for SME’s

We can only do this for 3 brands so as to maintain quality in value, you know our team is small and we’re a startup as well. 

The following will be included with a clean, effective, functional and compelling website design/re-design:

– Free Domain name for 1 Year
– Fast Web Hosting for 1 Year
– SSL Web Security for 1 Year
– Google Business Listing  
– Basic SEO / Google Analytics Integration
– 3 Months Maintenance/Quality Assurance

This deal is for a simple website design and excludes E-commerce websites and Web Applications. Our team will review your business and can only select 3 brands. 

We partnered with Teba Creative agency to give 30% discount on a monthly social media graphic design retainer to help you maintain consistency in your online community.

And also partnered with Ambi Digital to give 30% discount on a monthly social media management retainer for 3 months. 

Please click this link to fill the interest form and our team will be in touch


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