Transport Minister ROTIMI AMEACHI
Transport Minister ROTIMI AMEACHI

Truth is bitter on this part of the globe. The acceptability of this bitter truth is determined by who is saying this truth, and who is this bitter truth pointing at.

The Nigerian moral value has been so bastardised such that it requires light to search for truth under a brazen sun.

In Nigeria of now, you are subjected to unprecedented inhuman persecutions, at extreme provocation you are hunted to untimely death for calling a spade by it’s name, more so, when such a spade is a sacred mischievous transgressor in the eye of the storm.

This is the evil web Nigeria’s transport minster, Rotimi Amaechi is caught in, which, he is currently contending with to loosen himself because he has dared the sacred and anointed of the APC.

Though his observations of the negative impact of Buhari’s regime on Nigerians have no other description and interpretation than bitter truth, he must pay dearly for desecrating their sacred cow.

Therefore, denying the indictment of his truth about Buhari can not make him (minister Rotimi Amaechi), guiltless in this scandal.

Unfortunately, the Buharideen and their Baba sope counterpart, would not see any iota of truth in it because they are destitute of truth, and irredeemably myopic from obvious realities in the guise of expressing deceptive and hypocritical love to Buhari.

Undoubtedly, it is not out of think that minister Rotimi Amaechi have vividly seen an ominous handwriting of massive rejections by Nigerians on the coming Presidential election for Buhari’s re-election into the regime of “Change and NextLevel” looming across board. Neither can it be said to be the first to make such observations.

Recall that the wife of the national leader of APC, Senator Oluremi Tinubu was the first to cry out that the “change” they promised Nigerians was not what was playing out, the Baba sope’s refuted it that it never emanated from Jagaban’s wife.

On another scenario, the wife of President Muhammadu Buhari, Madam Aisha Buhari has ceaselessly voiced out against the activities of the cabals which, she lamented have hijacked the government from her husband, that Buhari is no longer in control of Aso rock.

Therefore, Mr. Transport minister’s outburst have no disparity of truth.

Of course, it is still fresh on mind how it was like very easy for a Camel to pass through the eye of the needle than for him (Rotimi Amaechi), to scale through the huddle of obvious corruption indictment to become the “Boy boy” transport minister he is today. No thanks to President Muhammadu Buhari’s interventions.

Howbeit, He (Rotimi Amaechi), has ears, he listens to the bitter truth of Buhari’s anti-peoples policies ravaging Nigerians since inceptions of Buhari’s regime.

Bringing it home, there is no doubt that he is presently living in perpetual regrets by reason of ravaging abject poverty and misfortune he plunged himself by investing foolishly on Buhari’s presidential election in 2015, with the looted funds from Rivers state treasury. He has been complaining in the recent times of being poor both in the social media and in conventional forum. Pity!


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