This man right here is a FORCE – Kirk Franklin at Experience 13 – By Mo’ Omoregee Idowu

Experience 13
Experience 13

This man right here is a FORCE!

In September, a friend asked me, ‘Experience this year?’ and I replied,‘hopefully…if the singers this year are different.’

A couple of weeks later in October, he sent me a link and these words, ‘Kirk Franklin is coming to Experience.’ To which I replied, ‘Oohreally?! Then I HAVE to go!’ 😁

My love for Kirk is like Jackie Chan. There is a reason why this Jesus Freak is one of my favourite artistes (perhaps even my bestest) and he re-affirmed it this morning.

I reckon #TE13 programme organizers had a sixth sense that some of us were at TBS yesterday primarily because of Kirk, so they slated him as the last act. By the time he came on stage, the crowd was sleepy, tired and already thinning out.

But Kirk, somebody say Kirk! He woke that place up! They couldn’t touch his energy! He was all over the place, in the audience, pulling people to the stage to dance and passing mics in the crowd. It was obvious that people were tired, but he had no intention of letting them get away with it.

Now, some ladies I sat around got irritated with all his action. They were criticizing him and felt he was doing too much. I laughed within me and turning to them, I said; “you must not know this guy. This is who he is, he is a DramaKing!”

This has been his struggle and the exact reason I love him. I discovered him at a time when I was bored with all the Women of Faith and Point of Grace albums. Yes, their songs are lovely and soul-lifting but coming from my background of rap, hip-hop and R n B, I was struggling.

I had reached a level in my walk with God where I realized that I couldn’t continue to listen to some of the kinds of stuff I liked, but mhen the gospel songs out there were killing me. This man revolutionized Christian music for me and gave me what I was looking for – that balance between spirit-inspired lyrics and‘secular sounds.

He pushed the boundaries of gospel music and ooh, they came for him. They said hewas ‘bringing the world into the church and working with the sinners. So, hereplied them;

“For those of you that think gospel music has gone too far
You think we got too radical with our message
Well, I gat news for you, you ain’t heard nothing yet
And if you don’t know, now you know. Glory, Glory!”
Go Stomp on that! 😆

He has paid the price; and is reaping the harvest, so don’t hate. Highly successful and highly recognized, the many awards and accolades are well deserved.

But do you know the intriguing part, he doesn’t even sing! Yo! 

And his moves? I wanna be dancing and whining like him at 48, dayuuuum!

Take a bow, Mr Kirk Franklin; you outdid yourself at The Experience 13!



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