Portrait Of President Buhari In Igbo Attire
Portrait Of President Buhari In Igbo Attire

One of the foolish and unimaginable believe of the “Buharideen” championed by the brainwashed “Baba sope’s”, is their deceptive doctrine of crowd gathering syndrome believed to mean unanimous acceptance of President Muhammadu Buhari whenever he visits a place, even on his known enemies territory like Ala Igbo (Igbo Nation).

To these two groups of misguided folks, crowd gathering connotes endorsement. They lacked common sense to understand that crowd gathering is not synonymous with general acceptance or endorsement.

Therefore, It became imperative that I make this write up to vent their foolish belief intended to deceive the unsuspecting gullible Nigerians often caught in the web of damnable and deep-seated ignorance, courtesy of Buhari’s regime of “Change.”

The electioneering campaign by various political parties where APC supporters made too much noise of crowd gathering for Buhari more especially in his visit to the southeast, has portrayed not only their primitive depth of ignorance in the 21st Century, but also their hollow reasonableness to decipher negative crowd gathering from positive.

It takes the crudest of an imbecile to believe that crowd gathering for Buhari on any of the SouthEast nation is an acceptance of Buhari by Ndi Igbo, in expectations of his promise “Igbo Presidency” in 2023, as foolishly orchestrated.

If Buhari has living conscience, he should have known that dissipation of energy, time and resources to cajole Ndi Igbo to get their vote come 2019, general election is gross efforts in futility.

I am wondering why he has soon forgotten his doctrine of 97% votes versus 5% votes he erroneously got from Ala Igbo in 2015 general election which he said to the whole world that, he won’t leave those that gave him 97% votes to think of Ndi Igbo that gave him only 5% votes, a hate-speech he demonstrated to support his lopsided appointments and marginalization of Ndi Igbo since inceptions of office in 2015.

Common sense would remind every rational minded folk that, if in 2015, general election, Buhari erroneously got only 5% votes from Ndi Igbo, it would be foolhardy and out of think to believe that he would get even 1% vote after spearheading series of operation Python dance that sent numberless innocent Igbo folks into their early graves, whose blood is ceaselessly demanding for vengeance.

Therefore, those who are deceived by Buhari’s mammoth crowd gathering are not wise.

Crowd gathering is synonymous with Buhari’s promised “Change,” it could be positive or negative. In other words, crowd gathering could mean acceptance or rejection.

On this premise, I can say authoritatively that Buhari’s crowd gathering on Ala Igbo was an avenue for Ndi Igbo to have a glimpse of the human viper troubling Ndi Igbo Nation.

After all, there were mammoth crowd gatherings during former President Goodluck Jonathan’s regime. Therefore, as it were in the days of Jonathan, so shall it be in these days of Buhari.


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