Sunshine Abroad – We don’t live abroad – By Ibrahim Adéjàre


“When people living abroad try to paint a kind of utopian system in the country they live, I just laugh. Some of them think; because we don’t live abroad, we don’t know what operates there. The bottom line is that each country has her own peculiar problem: there is no perfect situation anywhere.

Rick Scott, the incumbent two-term Republican Governor, has this to say, “Every Floridian should be concerned there may be rampant fraud  happening in Palm Beach and Broward Counties. I will not sit idly by, while unethical liberals try to steal this election from the great people of Florida”.

President Trump, before boarding the ‘Air Force One’ to France said, “there’s a lot of crooked stuff going on in Florida”. He argued that local officials were finding votes in Florida and Georgia and suggesting that fraud and corruption were likely explanations for the changing margins as votes continued to be counted.

Donald Trump and the Republican Governor of Florida claimed elections in the state were in danger of being stolen, after recounts were ordered in the senate and gubernatorial races. Excuse me, this is an election in USA’s Florida; not Osun or Ekiti o. And you will see some people reeling some faulty narratives, as if there are no electoral challenges over there too.Maybe they think we live in Abule Baale Agbe in Oyo State. Tueh!

Let me tell you, if you don’t know, in the year 2000, it took more than five weeks for Florida to declare George Bush the victor over vice-president Al Gore by 537 votes, thus giving Bush the presidency. I monitored the election closely, that year. Florida was mocked for the way it handled that recount.

The confusion in Florida is not limited to the gubernatorial poll; it extends to the senatorial contest, where Rick Scott and Bill Nelson are still slugging it out. A manual recount has been ordered in the 67 counties of Florida. Lol… Machines are no more giving accurate results. Just like card readers failed in some states in Nigeria! How many Americans heaped the electioneering failure on Trump?

More so, I wonder if some of our abroad people have watched the reactions of Trump to a CNN White House Correspondent, Jim Acosta. Acosta sparred with Donald Trump at a news conference, in which the US President branded the journalist an “enemy of the people.” A visibly angry Trump ordered the CNN reporter to sit down; however, when he refused to give up the microphone during the conference, one day after the US midterm elections, his press pass was suspended and barred from the White House.

This is the United States, the so-called epicenter of democratic practices. If it were President Buhari that did this, Uche Secondus, Atiku, Saraki, Wike, Ben Bruce, Fani Kayode and other political irritants would have filed a petition to the United Nations; accusing Buhari of endangering democracy.

Look, if you don’t know anything about US election, steer clear of this post; else, you’ll just be embarrassing yourself. Just keep to your village analysis”.


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