South Africans Will Vote For Good Governance, Says Jonathan


Former President Goodluck Jonathan has said that South African voters will vote for good governance in the elections.

He said that the rallies have had an impressive turnout which shows that South Africans will do their best to vote in good leaders.

“We are impressed by the rallies raising key issues for the voters; we believe that the voters will do their best to vote the people they believe in.

“We believe that they can vote in good governance”

The former President disclosed this in an interview with Channels Television’s South African Bureau Chief, Betty Dibia, shortly before South Africans on Wednesday headed to the polls.

He noted that elections can be better conducted and managed if the right things are put in place.

“The key thing about elections is the body managing the election and the security, the police.

“If the stakeholders, the political parties have confidence in these two organisations, then, of course, we are quite hopeful”.

On Nigeria’s elections, the former President says he is optimistic that there can be an improvement, following his visit to other African countries.

“I have gone to many African nations as leader of different observation missions including the Commonwealth, African Union, National Democratic Institute, and of course EISA and I am quite impressed and hopeful that the standard of managing of our elections will continue to improve.

“I believe that if we improve our standard of elections, we will get to that point where people, using their vote, can remove a leader they feel is not leading them well”.

South Africans are certain to return the ruling ANC despite anger over corruption scandals, sluggish growth, and record unemployment.


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