Six Hours To The Worst Shoody Presidential Election in History.

Make no mistake, Buhari is the incumbent President, he will not wait until May 29, 2019, before he will execute his hidden agenda

Nigeria Presidential Election Candidates
Nigeria Presidential Election Candidates

Come 16th February 2019, Nigerians would file out to exercise their franchise in the most shoddy Presidential election in record history.

This would be one election where a whole nation, by choice, metamorphosed into imbeciles and sheepishly compromised every addle pate of the incumbent President, Muhammadu Buhari.

Main Candidates Of Nigeria's Presidential Election

This would be one election where the lackadaisical incumbent President seeking re-election, is devoid of both physical and spiritual fitness to rule even his immediate family, but is being imposed on over 180 million country folks, by three mischievous miscreants in the name of cabals.

This would be one election in record history, where the President of the ruling APC party, majoring as their Presidential candidate for Feb. 16, 2019, Presidential election, failed woefully to deliver a single jot of his electioneering promises, yet, has cajoled the finest of brains and the feebleminded folks to seek re-election for another four years of economic recession, executive gallivanting, blame game, buck passing, bondage, slavery, woes, misery, excruciating pains of abject poverty, and misfortune. 

To these feebleminded folks, they would see nothing wrong with these indecencies. They believe that re-electing Buhari as Nigeria’s President is a deserved weapon to undo a hated Igbo nation. Unfortunately, I will laugh at the calamity that would befall them without measure.

This would be one election in record history, where, the ruling APC party knows very well that, their Presidential candidate, Mr. Muhammadu Buhari has lost integrity, credibility, and confidence of his wife, his children, his political associates, his relatives, and majority of Nigerians cut across board, except the few cabals who are plotting to get him re-elected by hook and by crook using the doctrine of “Useful Idiots” in the name of Buharideen, and Baba sope’s to achieve their inordinate ambitions.

Their rigging arrangement is conspicuously laid bare, they have the arrowheads of the likes of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Adams Oshiomhole, Rotimi Amaechi, El-Rufai threatening fire and brimstone against anyone, locally or internationally that would stand their way from winning Saturday’s Presidential election, with impunity.

“Corruption” and “Integrity” has remained the only deceptive criteria often put forward by even these hybrid corrupt folks in APC to distinguish Buhari from every other leader in Nigeria, but their silly and darkened understanding would not allow them to know that Buhari is just being vindictively smart using anti-graft war as a cloak. Hence, no one has been convicted and jailed in his four years war against corruption and corrupt practices. Instead corruption is thriving worst in his regime.

Howbeit, before you cast your vote on Saturday to either Buhari’s “Nextlevel” of in glorious regime, or Atiku’s “let’s get Nigeria working again,” 

I must warn, if for any reason, out of sheer sentiments we allow Buhari to win Saturday’s presidential election, Nigerians will cry. It would be an evil wind that would spare no one even his dumb supporters, because a vote to Buhari, obviously is a vote to the cabals. Buhari is not in charge, his wife, Aisha Buhari has earlier cried out and warned Nigerians on this.

Buhari’s 1993-1995 economic recession did not spare anyone. His 2015-2017 economic recession did not spare anyone including his brainwashed supporters. 

Nigeria would experience the mother of unprecedented economic recession never experienced by any generation since the world began should Nigerians by sheer sentiments allowed him beyond May 29, 2019, on our Apex office. 

Remember, his trademark of economic recession has nothing to do with corruption and integrity often orchestrated by his supporters. I will recall this post by the grace of God when events starts to unfold. 

Make no mistake, Buhari is the incumbent President, he will not wait until May 29, 2019, before he will execute his hidden agenda. 

Just a tip of the iceberg, after the election, Buhari would embark on a long medical vacation to the UK. The first shocker to these people of sheer sentiments is, he will not transmit full presidential powers to VP Osinbajo, the cabals will ridicule VP Osinbajo, reduce him to mere puppet, snub at his orders, and unleash terrors to even the so-called sponsor of Buhari’s Presidency. ‘Obodo ga di behugae’


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