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Religion and Religiosity

One important issue in our lives as a people, is religion and religiosity. As a result, we often claim: I am a Muslim, and sometimes we claim, I am a Christian, or sometimes people say, I am a Jew…

We go to the monasteries so dedicatedly and religiously. We are seriously battle ready to defend our faith or claim to defend God. But we fail to realise that , the real meaning of Faith is, God’s consciousness. The God and Good that people see in you. That is, the best example that you radiate within you. The ability to deliver the true love of God which forebears the errors of others overlooks the mistakes of others and delivers the best in you at all times.

In summary, people read you and your behaviors as the scriptures you profess. You are seen in the outside world as either the Torah , the Bible or the Quran, depending on the faith you profess.

You don’t need to preach with your mouth often, let your behaviors and dispositions do the preaching. That is the real meaning of the religion you profess and the religiosity in you.


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