Re: Is Masturbation permissible or not? – Translated by Faarooq Aleem Al-Egbaawiy

Is Masturbation permissible or not
Is Masturbation permissible or not

It was said:

Oh noble Shaykh! Al-Istimnoo’ (Masturbation) is the removal of semen with the hands; but there is a difference of opinion regarding its ruling; there is from the Ulamaa, those who prohibit it, and those who permitted it specifically when the fear of falling into fornication arises. So, with whom is the truth?

Shaykh Muhammad Naasiruddeen Al-albaaniy (RahimahuLlaah) answered:

Indeed the truth is with those who prohibit it based on their inference from the statement of Allaah, the Most High (interpretation of the meaning) that:

** And those who guard their private parts (from illegal sexual relations) except for their wives or those whom their right hand possess; then those ones are not to be blamed **

** So, whosoever seeks beyond this, then those are the transgressors **

(Sooratul Ma’aarij)

Therefore, we do not give its permissibility (i.e Masturbation) for the one who fears falling into fornication except that he employs the prophetic medicine (recommended by the Prophet), and that is the statement of the Prophet (Blessings and Peace be upon him) to the youths in the popularly known narration wherein they were ordered upon marriage; his statement (Upon him is Peace and Blessings) contained the wording towards the youth that: * And whosoever is not capable (of getting married), then upon him is fasting, for it will be shield for him (to keep him chaste).

So, based on this, we detest, with a great detest, those who give verdict to youths on the permissibility of masturbation for the fear of falling into fornication; without them commanding the youths upon this noble prophetic medicine.

Source: Tamaamul Minnah of Shaykh Al-albaaniy.


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