Protecting children is every teacher’s business – Folashade Babatunde

Child Protection
Child Protection

Last week Saturday, I facilitated a session on “Child protection in school: the role of the teacher” at the teacher training program organised by Schoolinka in partnership with Teach Innovation.

Child Protection Class
Folashade Babatunde’s session on “Child protection in school: the role of the teacher”

The training was attended by teachers from private and public schools in Lagos. We discussed about the importance of child protection and the need for every school to develop a child protection system.

Below are some of the ways I highlighted for teachers to ensure that children under their care are well protected.

  • Firstly, as a teacher, you need to understand children’s rights as human rights and be ready to protect them.
  • Every teacher should respect and protect the dignity of children.
  • As a teacher who is ready to protect children, you need to teach children about their rights too.
  • During your classes, relate with children in ways that make them feel it’s worthwhile to be in your class.
  • At Parents-Teachers meetings, discuss issues relating to child rights and child protection with the parents.
  • Learn to identify abuse, neglect and other challenges children may suffer.
  • Build relationship where children will feel comfortable to share their views, concerns and feelings with you.
  • Every school, private or public, should have and implement child protection policy.
  • All school staff must be trained on child protection and protocol for reporting and managing child abuse cases in school.

The education of an abused child will always be at risk as such child is not physically, psychologically, and emotionally fit to learn properly in school.


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