Waziri Atiku Abubakar is ready any day, any time Buhari indicates readiness for the debate. This he made public before leaving the debate venue

Presidential Debate 2019
Presidential Debate 2019

The wisest decision made by the Peoples Democratic Party’s Presidential candidate for 2019, Presidential debate was boycotting the debate to prove to the political miscreants in the cloak of the All Progressives Congress, that no one has the monopoly to slight Nigerians with impunity. 

Make no mistake, the Presidential debate was long scheduled to hold on 19/01/2019, to enable adequate preparations by all the candidates to come and defend, why they think that they have all it takes to govern Nigeria.

It is easy and cheap to come up with laudable party’s manifestos or agenda, hence, they must prove to their employer how to achieve it. 

I think the problems with political leadership in Nigeria is their gross ignorance in appropriating

1. that they are employed to do services to Nigeria and Nigerians to which, they adequately draw wages and remunerations from our national treasury

2. that they are servant-leaders and not lords,

3 that they are not immune from being rejected by Nigerians when found wanting.

Therefore, seeing oneself as above the laws that established the office that makes him/her puff up, is a sign of incompetence and unworthy to govern the country. 

This was what played out in that presidential debate, where self aggrandizement, immodesty, egocentric, gross disregard and disrespect was championed above national interest.

Buhari always displayed contempt to the laws of this country with impunity.

Rather than call him to order, his dumb and blind supporters are miserably busy misleading him in the name of Buharideen and Baba sope’s. 

Truth be told, the Presidential debate was solely for the candidates of the two front line political parties – the Incumbent President Muhammad Buhari of the All Progressives Congress on one hand, and on the other hand is former Vice President, Alh. Waziri Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party. 

Buhari was expected to tell Nigerians what his NextLevel agenda is all about, while Atiku was expected to prove how to get Nigeria working again.

Actually, Nigerians would have loved this agenda than the NextLevel thing of Mr. Muhammadu Buhari. 

Logically, NextLevel in anything means raising higher bar or harder huddles of whatever his regime has offered Nigerians these four years.

But there are other party’s Presidential candidates like Kingsley Moghalu of YPP, Oby Ezekwesili of ACPN, and Fela Durotoye of ANN billed for the debate? 

Of course! We know that those ones are there to showcase intellectual socio- economic theory devoid of practical experience, unless the mischief makers just want to be economical with the truth as their manner is, otherwise, they would agree with my position that these guys lack matured leadership acumen and wealth of experience to govern the Nigeria of now. 

To me, I call them ‘Umu Mpere’ (Pikin of Mpere) expected to add humors to such debate, but it is definitely not a yardstick to mature governance expected in 2019. 

Remember, Waziri Atiku Abubakar was not absent to the debate, in fact, he was fully prepared to exhibit class distinction over Buhari. Hence, he hadn’t any nightmare over the debate because he does not need any lecture, or rehearsals to do what he knows best to do. 

Despite all the empty boasts and threats by the so-called minister of information, Lie Mohammed, to arrest Atiku when he comes back from his trip to America, he was live at the debate venue. But what could he have done when the man he was poised to wrest power with, shamefully chickened out without appearance to the debate venue. Of course, we are not surprised because we saw it coming. 

Recall that shortly after the VP debate where Atiku’s running mate, Sir Peter Obi rattled Buhari’s running mate, Prof. and Senior Pastor at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, VP Yemi Osinbajo to his kneels, he (Lie Mohammed) issued a press conference rejecting the result of the shameful outing of their finest brain in the entire APC party. 


Waziri Atiku Abubakar is ready any day, any time Buhari indicates readiness for the debate. This he made public before leaving the debate venue.

Hear him:

“We came here for a Presidential debate, not a candidacy debate, and I, Atiku Abubakar can not challenge or question an administration where the man at the helm of the affairs of the nation is not present to defend himself or his policies. After all, you cannot shave a man’s head in his absence. I do not believe in attacking a man who is NOT here to defend himself.

As a leader and former Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, let me first apologise to all Nigerians, my fellow candidates and the moderator for the APC Presidential Candidates absence in this debate.

His non-appearance is a slight on ALL of us and our democracy.

Secondly, with all due respect to my fellow candidates, Fela Durotoye, Oby Ezekwesili, Kingsley Moghalu and to the moderator Mark Sugar and with apologies to all Nigerians here and at home expecting an interesting debate, I regret that I will not be able to go on with this debate due to President Buhari’s absence.

I however challenge President Buhari to choose a date and time for a debate where he will be present and I will be there, hopefully with the other candidates as well. 

Thank you and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

PDP Presidential candidate”

Fellow Nigerians, what else? The ball is now in the court of APC and Buhari. Would they take up the challenge? What excuse would Lie Mohammed make for Buhari?

We are waiting!


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