Prepare Your Handover Note, Don’t Put Nigeria on a Crossroad – BY Oledinma Onyesarah


Talk is cheap and is known for silly-minded folks. They pretend and boast to have something upstairs while they are simply empty and zero dimensional. Unfortunately, pretense is synonymous with smoke, it can not be covered for too long.

Before now, both Buhari and his blind followers should have hid their faces in shame because his actions and dispositions since inceptions of office has laid bare before the Nigerian people and the global community that he is nothing but a bloody deceiver and pretender whose only achievement for three and half years on saddle was to take Nigerians to the woods.

By refusing to sign the electoral bill into law has portrayed his unreasonable and unpatriotic stance to take Nigeria to Next level, least expected of a man who thought that the word “Integrity” is mere wearing toga of “I am a man of integrity.”

It is obvious that President Muhammadu Buhari is not ready to allow a free and fair election in 2019, general election, a platform which, former President Goodluck Jonathan provided in 2015, that gave him leeway toants victory which, made him to be on Aso villa today.

Rather than reciprocate the same gesture and create a level playing ground for other aspirants by signing the electoral bill into law to compliment his self-acclaimed man of integrity, he keep plotting to remain in Aso villa beyond 2019, by hook or by crook.

His refusal to sign the electoral bill, is not only an aberration of integrity, but also a fraud against Nigeria people, which, must be resisted vehemently.

We can not continue to be under the ruler-ship of a “lifeless” folk, Nigeria is bigger than any individual’s ambition.

Ironically, having tactically declined to give assent to the electoral bill by way of flimsy and obsolete reasons, yet, he wants other presidential contestants for 2019, general election to sign the peace accord for him. This is foolishness in the highest order.

Buhari should be warned never to toy with Nigerian sovereignty because he would be greatly resisted vehemently.


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