Pastor Gets Schooled By Simi For His Comment On Sexual Responsibility


The music star has reacted to a sermon delivered by Lagos pastor Kingsley Okonkwo where he was talking about sexual responsibility with claims that God made men be more free-spirited than women.

“God put so much sexual passion in men, expecting that women will obey him by doing ‘access denied!’ so that when he wants so much sex he should marry. So, he will give you what you want and you will give him what he wants. That is how God planned it. But many women have been sabotaging themselves,” Kingsley Okonkwo said in one video uploaded on his official Instagram.

In another frame, the pastor went further to say the reason men are not getting married is that they are sexually satisfied. “So, many women have been sabotaging themselves by giving it out,” Okonkwo added.

However, Simi said the message is infuriating and that everyone should be held responsible for their own actions. “Everyone is responsible for their actions. Women are not donkeys to be carrying everyone’s burden. Women make mistakes too. Women get tempted too. Women fight their battles too. And women are responsible for their own actions. Might as well say God made women more emotionally vulnerable because God expected men to not take advantage of them. It’s just wrong,” Simi offered.

Kingsley Okonkwo responded to her comment on his page, saying that the intention of his message was not to assuage one gender from owning up to their actions.

“My message is quite clear… It hasn’t demeaned or put responsibility on just one sex. I can’t interpret for everyone,” The pastor commented.

Simi noted that the pastor could influence people’s thought while also encouraging him to be careful his teachings. “As a pastor, a lot of people take your word for it, even though as Christians, we all have access to God and His word. But you have this responsibility, please be careful with it.”

Simi went further to reiterate how offensive the message was to her when she heard it.


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