Partisan Politics on the Pulpit – By Oluwatosin Oludimimu


First you endorse Jonathan of PDP in 2015 on the pulpit, in front of millions of your congregations, you made us believe then that PMB will Islamise Nigeria. (propaganda)
PMB won the election, three years on, no signs of islamisation, then we started hearing ‘ethnic cleansing’ you claimed is being carried out by Fulani herdsmen ordered by President Buhari.

You try to set a dangerous religious tone, you criticize this government in so many claims that cannot be substantiated. 
Then, after the presidential primaries, Atiku another Fulani man emerged as the presidential candidate of PDP, then you stylishly endorse him by escorting him to the former president (baba OBJ) while the whole world was watching.

And now, you aid in fueling the rumors that PMB was cloned, on the pulpit, in front of thousands of congregations, citing a satire in a national newspaper that has the reputation for spreading fake news. Another propaganda…Sir, that is too low.
Since islamisation and ethnic cleansing or Fulani propaganda will notwork this time, we now hear of PMB death and cloning. 
There’s only one conclusion to this; PAPA is PDP.
BUT I must say sir, I’m highly disappointed sir.
The office you hold, didn’t require you being Partisan. We look up to you as the spokesman of God.


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