“One ticket to obodo oyinbo”


That phrase perfectly describes the Nigerian dream others like “Ji masun”, “Japa” best describe the state of things in my Country Nigeria.

Mr Eazi on “Immigration” on the Foreign Ororo album by Kah-lo and Riton 

“… I’m in London, I’m in London 
running away from immigration, 
they can’t find me, they can’t catch me
Everything here looks so nice”

The state of the economy took a dip when “say baba” climbed the podium and took over power, I truly disconnect myself from politics in the country as one of my goals moving forward is to be a Nigerian in the diaspora, and as the occasional jokes about moving to Canada are followed by actual breakdown of how far in the process they have gone and then it dawns on you.

Do you know your new country’s national anthem? 
Do you know anyone where you are going? 

Then video call with your friend who left the country and lowkey tells you that there is nothing for you in this country. Simply put 
“…you don’t have to go home, but you cannot stay here.” 
On checking Nairaland for tips to asking your recently escaped friend on how they ran away you realize that there are different means and the fact that the need to #Japa cuts across all boards demographically, from the J-1 to the ones who want to bring their parents so they’re closer to them, the married couple that want their children to be born with a colored passport because having that green one at the airport is more of a curse than a blessing to be honest.
Stories of an entire department in a company moving to Canada at once. 

Ask yourself if you are living your best life right now, in your relationship, at work, in the grand scheme of things and the big picture, what do you need to do and where do you need to be?

Ji Masun! 


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