Not everyone will like you OWN YOUR PEACE TOTALLY – Toheeb Bisiriyu


One very common phenomenon I’ve noticed in people is that we make mental note of every negativity that happens to us more than how we handle the positivity.

The people we remind most are the ones who hurt us, tampered with our emotional system or people who try to push us to the ground.

When we put out something on social media, many people compliment us, some applaud us, but unfortunately, the only comment that seems negative among all is the one we carry on our head for days, sometimes, it causes emotional imbalance in us.

When you put on a dress that awes everyone due to its gorgeousness,and later your attention is drawn to a seemingly little dent on the dress, (that isn’t easily noticed) it may spoil your mood till the rest of the day, it may make you shrink at the event throughout even when you know the dress has all shades of awesomeness.

Isn’t it worthy to understand that not everyone will like you and that’s okay? It’s something you and I just have to live with.

You will always be a little too little to someone, or a little too much to someone else, But you will be just enough to another person, why not focus and capitalise more on that “another” whom you are just enough for.

When you worry too much about those who don’t like you, you are shortchanging the ones that like you already, you’re doing them an underservice. Please, stop it, it’s not a cause worth fighting for. 
Those who love and appreciate you are worth your energy, love, trust and effort. Don’t lose momentum by trying to capture what you cannot get.

It is the same thing as how we play the relationship games, there is always one person, who likes you, check on you, laughs at your dry jokes and will do everything to be around you.

Then there is another person who hardly notice you, who rarely looks your side or check on you, this person ignores your call, they don’t reply your chat on time, they treat you as less an option.

Predictably, this second person is likely going to be the one you want to die on top of their matter.

One strong aphorism you have to accept and live with is the fact that you are not everyone’s cup of tea, you will never be good enough for everyone – never!

Focus your energy on those who love you, those who appreciate what you bring to the table, those who treat you as an important part of them, not the ones that think less of you.

As we are wrapping up 2018 and diving into 2019, please note that we have had enough suicide cases which resulted from chronic depression. We do not need anything suicidal in this 2019 because the world really needs you. So you really need to find happiness within, come what may!

I can’t design your happiness strategy, measure or yardstick for you, but I’d advise that you design one for yourself.

It’s very important!

One thing I have done with this post is to avail you away from future acrimony, I might not have underlined what you need to do to be happy, but I sure have taught you one of the ways to have an undiluted peace of mind.

Own up to your peace totally.


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