Nigeria’s Finance Minister Okays The Removal of Fuel Subsidy After IMF Interjection

Finance Minister Okays The Removal of Fuel Subsidy
Finance Minister Okays The Removal of Fuel Subsidy

Oledinma Onyesarah

I keep wondering how and why Nigeria and Nigerians slipped into irredeemable silliness such that out of nothing, I stand to be corrected, Buhari is able to manipulate the intelligence of who is who in Nigeria and transfixed the intellectuals and the elites into a miserable dummy.

No folk, I mean no single folk in Nigeria, even the so-called human rights activists who flexed muscles during Dr. Goodluck Jonathan’s regime suddenly developed cramped, and rheumatoid muscles since Buhari came to saddle, can boldly stand and challenge Buhari’s primitive rulership rascality with impunity. 

Is it not an insult to the whole country that Buhari held the entire country in deceits on the controversial fuel subsidy removal for over four years running, yet, some imbeciles keep eulogizing him as a man of integrity that meant good for Nigerians. 

We have been living in self illusion that Buhari has removed fuel subsidy that has remained a conduit pipe through which those in authority are milking Nigeria treasury dry. 

It a colossal shame to all Nigerians that, we have just woken from stupid slumber to realizations that Buhari’s fuel subsidy removal was not only a scam but also a ruse until IMF interjection. 

Haba! I have said this times without number, and I get pissed off that Nigeria is the only country on planet earth that has Nigeria’s definition and understanding of globally accepted English word. 

From the definition of the word “Integrity,” to the word “Corruption”, and the word “Remove,” Nigeria has coined a different interpretation of these words to the chagrin of the rest of the world, all because of Buhari. 

Recall that One of the unpardonable sins of former Nigeria President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan against some sections of Nigeria – the entire northern Nigeria and especially the southwest Nigeria, was his venturing into removing of fuel subsidy in January 1st 2012, which, provoked unprecedented “Occupy Nigeria” protest at Ojota in Lagos, Kano, and Abuja by crème de la crème from all works of life, from 2nd January, 2012 to 4th January, 2012 with Pastor Tunde Bakare as the Convener, while Buhari criticized and condemned President Jonathan’s fuel subsidy removal dispositions from the sideline.

Eventually when he came to power as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2015, he saw the inevitable need to remove the fuel subsidy and announced to the his brainwashed followers that he has removed fuel subsidy. They applauded him as Nigeria savior. 

Isn’t it ludicrous that this fuel subsidy is still ongoing since inception of Buhari’s regime hitherto? 

Hmmm! Integrity redefined in Nigeria’s context. Gosh!


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