Nigeria can get there with Atiku presidency

Let us agree to walk together from today by coming out to Vote Atiku because

Vote Atiku 2019
Vote Atiku 2019

An Atiku presidency comes with its advantages in the current circumstances we have found ourselves as a nation.

Nigeria has never been this divided along ethnic and religious lines as we have seen with President Buhari administration.

Imagine an Atiku presidency where all Nigerians are in unity, where Nigerians are protected by their government, and increased trade opportunities which will lead to important social and economic development and stability – Atiku Means Unity

Reasons To Vote Atiku

An Atiku presidency means the beginning of the march back to the Making of that Nigeria of our dreams. A unified Nigeria. A unification of its people and their cultures.

What does unity mean to you when you hear it? “To make or become a single unit; to unify conflicting opinions and theories; to unify a country” . Nigeria can get there with Atiku presidency

Look around you today, we all come here and say we are nationalists, but yet we are divided along ethnoreligious lines because we allowed a man to come and bring up primordial sentiments to scatter us.

Now we want to go back to that point where we used to be described as “WaZoBia” – One Nation, Great People United in strength and love. We can become that again with an Atiku

“We can’t run away from this country. The unity of this country is very very paramount”- Governor Wike once said.

Based on that premise, Nigerians yearn for a unified Nigeria and the Atiku Abubakar presidency can bring that to pass. Vote for a unifier

Your Country, My Country, Our Country !!!! A unified Nigeria is what we ask for and yearn for.

“Can two walk together if they do not agree?” Let us agree to walk together from today by coming out to Vote Atiku because Atiku means Unity

Let us even take the FX different rates today to explain the sort of disunity we have found ourselves in- imagine what we could do as a country with a unified currency exchange rate! A unified exchange rate means lower trade barriers.


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