The National Leadership of the National Association of Nigerian Students NANS, had sent her heartfelt condolence to the Nigerian Police head quarters Eleweeran, Ogun State.

NANS expresses dismay and shock over the death of A Nigerian Police officer, Corporal Gbenga Adegboyega who was gruesomely murdered by His charcoal business associate who is said to be d Baale (traditional head) of the TIV community in OPEJI/ Odeda, who confessed of killing the police officer over a cash amount of 120 thousand Naira.

The suspect was said to have club the officers head with a thick log of wood after he was tricked into a deep forest along Alabata/Mawuko axis of the state.

NANS expresses grief and utmost pain at the exhuming process of the Police officer corpse witnessed by NANS, PCRC Ogun State, NPF Ogun State HQ and men of the press on Monday 10th of December 2018.

NANS hereby extends condolence to the Nigerian Police Force in this dark time of grief and also salutes the Ogun Police HQ under CP Ahmed Iliyasu for getting to the root of the matter and shedding more light to the issue.

NANS, calls for the immediate legal actions to be taking against the culprit and demands for his persecution in the appropriate court of law.

NANS also warns some bodies in the guise of Human Right Organisations who might try to cover up the case and try to avert the wrath of the law that may come upon the culprit to please stair clear and be plain in their interference to this case as the culprit had confessed to carrying out the offense and also matched the force to the crime scene where he had murdered and buried the officer in cold blood.

NANS condemn this inhumane and callous act perpetuated by the culprit and demands Justice for the late Officer in other for the culprit to serve as an example to other citizens who might have similar evil thought(s) towards their fellow citizens in the nearest future.

NANS griefs with the Nigerian Police force and the good people of Ogun state over this ill occurence and pray for such evil not reoccur within the state or country at large in the future.

Long live NANS,
Long Live NPF,
Long Live Ogun State,
Long Live Nigeria.

Adeyemi A.Azeez.
NANS National P.R.O


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