My invitation by the Rwandan Government was an honour – Femi Royal


I am deeply delighted to honor the invitation of the Rwandan Government to the High Level Green Growth and Climate Resilience Policy Strategy Dialogue held at the Kigali Convention Centre, Rwanda as part of the first Africa Green Growth Forum in the continent.

The panel was graced by top UN officials, diplomats, Rwandan Cabinet members, Civil Societies and the media and it was a meeting that describes and fosters the leadership position of Rwanda in mitigating climate change and helping the continent build resilience in the face of its challenging effects.

As an advocate for Climate Smart Agriculture, it was a point of duty for me to underline the importance of collaboration across the continent to provide technical and funding support to the small-holder farmers in Africa who are deeply affected by climate change. It turns out to be a good policy recommendation.

Ultimately, we will continue to do our bit to build a Climate Resilient Continent where food security and economic development is guaranteed.


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