Meet The Dietitians. Congratulations Folashade Babatunde

Meet The Dietitians is One
Meet The Dietitians is One

Excellence is a journey and never a destination!


Many ideas were birthed as dreams. With investment, they continued to grow and became realities.

When you dream up an idea, you should start doing something about it. Many great initiatives were once dreams, soon they became works in progress, and as time rolled by they metamorphosed into something bigger.

A year ago, I had an idea. I wanted to create a platform where people could learn more about nutrition. I wanted to help individuals adopt healthy diet and improve their health through provision of accurate nutritional information, advice and support. So, I founded the ‘Meet The Dietitians’ Facebook group.

Today, MTD has grown into a community of more than 800 individuals. And it’s still growing and achieving its purpose. Truly, dreams can become real!

What if I did nothing about the idea I had a year ago?

Has the journey been worthwhile? Sure!

As a professional, having people look up to me for nutritional counsel and support has continued to push me to always do the right thing, protect my integrity and invest in myself.

Also, my interaction with individuals has continued to serve as a reminder for me that giving my time, knowledge and resources to others, not only helps me add value to the lives of others, but also to my own life.

Life isn’t only about making profit!

To excel in life, you must be ready to map a path for yourself, either in your personal life, career or business. You must also be ready to take actions to bring your dreams alive and be willing to create social impact.


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