Meet Sukurat; A Champion and the new elected Class Librarian – Oluwaseun Kayode

Sukura strives hard to ensure that she smiles at everyone

Sukurat The Champion and Class Librarian
Sukurat The Champion and Class Librarian

This is Sukurat, one of my champions, who recently got elected as a class librarian. Her victory at the polls taught me a valuable lesson on building key relationships.

Sukurat was a people-person, even before the election. She strives hard to ensure that she smiles at everyone.

During the campaign week, I noticed her speaking to her classmates about her ambition to be the class librarian. She did this during break, at the food shed, even once on the assembly ground.

She was intentional about talking to people and leveraging on her personality as someone who values human relationships.

Ofcourse, she had a landslide victory in an election where she had nine other contestants. Trust me, she is carrying out her responsibilities well enough, whilst maintaining her constant smile to everyone.

I think my pupils are not just CHAMPIONS anymore, they are emerging civic LEADERS, who will use their acquired skills in good governance to build our nation.


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