Meet Ajayi Oluwadamilola, a nurse and a version of a strong lady

Ajayi Oluwadamilola
Ajayi Oluwadamilola

Ajayi Oluwadamilola is a nurse and a laboratory scientist; certified in 2015,  the Ekiti born never had a dream of becoming a nurse but heed to her friend’s (Morenikeji) advice to start a career in nursing.

Morenikeji (Friend to Ajayi Oluwadamilola)
Morenikeji (Friend to Ajayi Oluwadamilola)

According to her, she had wanted to be a lawyer but started as an auxiliary at Mercy Glorious Hospital due to lack of finance to study law.

During her internship as an auxiliary nurse, she met a man called Mr Badmus Babatunde; a patient who discovered her passion for excellent service and sponsored her to study nursing at Lagos University Teaching Hospital.

Ajayi OluwadamilolaAjayi Oluwadamilola 

Today, she proud to be a nurse and provides hands-on care to patients in a variety of settings. Her service includes physical needs which range from total care of patients with illness and prevention. She maintains a patient’s dignity while providing knowledge and skilled care.


She is a version of a strong lady.


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