Makinde Unfolds Plans To Export Maize To Botswana

Seyi Makinde - Oyo State Governor
Seyi Makinde - Oyo State Governor

As part of the inaugural address by the new governor.

He had said “we recognise that one of our areas of comparative advantage is agriculture. I am excited to tell you that we have already taken steps to market our potentials. Our farmers will be happy to know that we are in talks with Botswana to export our maize to them.

“Our African neighbours have in the recent past imported from Central America, but they are ready to give us a chance.,” BusinessDay newspaper quoted the governor as saying.

“We welcome the delegation from Botswana led by Business Botswana President, Gobusamang Keebine”.

He said his administration planned to make lives better for the farmers with good infrastructure.

During his campaigns, he said, he  spoke to farmers in settlements at Ipapo, Ilora, Eruwa, Ogbomosho, Iresaadu, Ijaiye, Akufo and Lalupon who complained about inability to access credit facilities, poor rural infrastructure, especially feeder roads, difficulty in processing harvests, and lack of storage facilities.

“We listened to leaders and members of the Joint Farmers Association and agropreneurs talk about the challenges in the agriculture sector and proffer solutions which we will implement.

“Also, as we moved from one local government to the other, we listened to people discuss their concerns. I know that the people of Oyo State are not asking for too much. We spoke to the businessmen who are hurting under multiple taxations, who are pained because the ease of doing business is so bad that Oyo State ranks thirty-five out of the thirty-six states in Nigeria. More businesses are shutting down than are being opened,” he said.

Governor Makinde said his government will stick to the Road Map for Accelerated Development, 2019-2023, published three months before the elections. In the document, “we set forth our policies for tackling the infrastructure deficits, enabling an efficient health sector, improving security, youth empowerment, social inclusion and protection.”


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