Lost A Medal But Won Hearts

Simon Cheprot at Okpekpe International
Simon Cheprot at Okpekpe International

Simon Cheprot instead of crossing the line first at Okpekpe International 10KM Road Race in Nigeria on Sunday stopped to help his Kenyan friend and track rival Kenneth Kipkemoi to cross the finish line after he collapsed.

Following the move to forfeit his win and to help a rival, the Nigeria IAAF representative Mike Itemuagbor rewarded Simon with KES 1 Million for his humanitarian effort.

The organizers of the 7th edition of thr 10km Road Race also rewarded him with another KES 1 Million for being a “brother’s keeper”.

Cheprot who is a champion in the competition lost the race by chosing to help his friend and a “rival on the track” and held him until the medical team arrived.

During an interview with the media after the race, Simon said the words of his father came to his mind the moment he saw his colleague trip and fall down.

“My dad once told me:, ‘When you’re walking and you find a sick person on the road, help him; do not leave him’, so that was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw my friend on the ground,” said Cheprot.

He also added that running is not war; thus ought to bring peace, unity and friendship.


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