Lady Shares How Soldier Tried To Molest Her For Wearing Camo

Lady shares how soldier in Lagos tried to molest her for wearing camo
Lady shares how soldier in Lagos tried to molest her for wearing camo

According to her story, she was stopped by the soldier for wearing camo and asked to follow him into a dark area – Her bike man who followed them, later came to her rescue when the soldier tried to molest her.

It is common to hear stories of Nigerian civilian getting into trouble with military personnel for wearing
anything that looks like the camo which is officially worn by these uniform men and this story is no different.

Twitter user, @mideice_ recently narrated her experience with a soldier
at CMS in Lagos, who stopped the bike she was riding on, after sighting her
wearing a-camo leggings. According to the series of tweets, he asked that she
followed him on his bike.

Although resisting at first, she eventually followed him out of where of
what he would do. The soldier later rode into a dark corner and tried to molest
her. Luckily for her, her bike man who had rode behind them came to her rescue
and confronted the soldier.  

While the armed forces just like the police are meant to protect and
defend the country, it appears there are some bad eggs who would rather abuse
their power any chance they get than do the right thing. Proving this to be
true is a Nigerian lady who was harassed by some men believed to be soldiers.

Identified by her Instagram name Miss Adenuga, the aggrieved lady
narrated how she was beaten by some men in uniform after she challenged them.
According to the story, she was almost knocked down by the soldiers while
crossing the road. However, rather than apologize for their reckless driving,
they beat her instead.


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