Kaduna Will be Great Again – El-Rufai’s Last and Only Card

Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai.
Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai.

Karl Marx’s Opium

I read a particular clarion call calling on Muslims to come out and vote for El-Rufai based on what he has done for Islam even if they were hurt by El-Rufai for El-Rufai was not perfect.

After reading through, I felt pity for the youth.

El-Rufai knew he could always count on Karl Marx’s opium of religious and ethnic delirium to return to power – thus he could misgovern and abuse power and rob the state and impoverish the people and share contracts for his wives, sons, girlfriends, friends and cronies, even against the act of public procurement, etc and still get away with it.

He knew he could count on the people’s ignorance, gullibility and etc, thus he has no need to serve dutifully, such that there was no single policy initiated by him that was for the benefit of the public. Every single policy was for selfish purpose disguised like it was for public good.

Now these few gullible ignoramuses are under the illusion that El-Rufai’s destructive policies of discrimination and division for selfish inordinate desires using Islam as a cover, is indeed for Islam.

In his numerous policies, it is either he is robbing the teachers, civil servants, traditional institutions, local government areas through caretaker committee chairmen or he is demolishing buildings of the poor and perceived political opponents like Hunkuyi, Shehu Sani and et al.

Either he is sacking workers or instigating the people against themselves.

Either he is running hate speeches against the Shiites leading to massacres of Shiites like never before in this country or running hate speeches against Southern Kaduna people, especially the Adara ethnic nationality, leading to mass murder of these people.

There was not a single policy of his that was not aimed at meeting his inordinate selfish desires disguised as policies made for public good.

He knew he could bank on those gullible ignoramuses, so he didn’t need to be responsible nor serve the state more responsibly.

As long as there is an object of hatred available like Southern Kaduna or Christians at large, he can always feed those gullible ignoramuses with such opium to deflect the people’s attention from his abysmal failure, incompetence, fraudulent and shady deals with state funds and multiple other disservices against the people.

He knew he could always get away with his numerous atrocities because some people will prefer to feed fat some silly ego of ethnic and religious chauvinism so much they will be blind to his anti-people policies and see his ruse as promoting Islam.

In his criminal mind, El-Rufai sees these religious and ethnic sentiments no more than a high way armed robber sees the gun he waves at his victims on the highway to hold onto power.

El-Rufai won’t mind to burn down the entire edifice if the ashes is recommended for washing his feet – that’s how eerily bizarre his vanity is.

We have a duty to teach those misguided youth that El-Rufai is only using Islam and them to achieve his inordinate selfish desires and nothing else.

They must learn to understand that El-Rufai is an unscrupulous, ruthless and satanic capitalist, who won’t mind to slaughter them too, if he could, were they to stand between him and his selfish inordinate desires. Records have it that some earlier crisis in Kaduna State prior to El-Rufai becoming governor, has his finger prints on them.

I have a very huge respect for the bulk of the enlightened Muslims in northern kaduna today, absent these gullible ignoramuses.

The Northern Muslims have refused to be manipulated by El-Rufai for a statewide crisis. Even the Fulani are beginning to see that they were being used as cannon fodder for some unscrupulous forces to get and hold onto power.

El-Rufai had to contract the Karamai 29 killers, and in desperation to spread the violence, he gave a government report that Kachia had answered in violence. Both the Christians and Muslims in Kachia refused to be used.

El-Rufai will need to continue to hire killers to do the killings until he eventually gets kicked out. And even if he were to win, the people can no longer be manipulated by him except those few gullible ignoramuses.

Besides, El-Rufai can never win unless we allow him. To allow him to means we will not come out and vote on 9th March.

Let’s come out 9th March and march the mistake of power out of Sir Kashim Ibrahim House if Kaduna were ever going to be great again.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author alone and not the iNaijaNow.


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