Its all about US; former chairman Funama Lagos congratulates the new executives and members

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Lately this evening, the former chairman Funaama Lagos in the person of Shiek Sheu Iginla took it to the group’s WhatsApp page to congratulates the entire Funaama Lagos chapter members and call for support for the new executives. See his post below;

Sequel to my valedictory speech of yesterday….., I congratulate you our new Chairman Funaamaa Lagos Chapter. I congratulate the entire newly inaugurated Executives… May Allah Taala strengthen you all and provide the wherewithal to champion the course.

I congratulate most importantly the entire Lagos Chapter members, especially the Lagos team. The Lagos team put their utmost to salvage the Chapter. This is on record. I wouldn’t have said anything if there was monetary or any benefits we gave you, as in remuneration. The Lagos Team were selfless. But the truth is there is indeed reward beyond ones imagination… That is from Allah.

May I be quick to appreciate the acceptance of the new executives and also be swift to note that its about commitment to responsibilities. It can be tough at times but it is often accomplishable…

After sojourning the position of State Chairman for about eight years, I am in a position to say its just about US and US and US … So if we are convinced that its about US, then we are good to go by we all giving our BEST.





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