In Defence of Atiku – P.Tom

Atiku is known to be corrupt and Buhari isn't any close to integrity


The question finally arose as to “why the two oldies didn’t show up at the presidential debate? Fela Durotoye, Prof Kingsley Moghalu, and Obi Ezekwesili gave their opinions.

While Fela took to the scripture, stating that the old have passed away, and the future is here, Prof said “they don’t have the answers” even though I believe Buhari and Atiku must have felt ‘money answereth all things’ and Mrs Oby rightly put it “they have no respect for the Nigerian populace.”

If you’re in this country and you’re observant, you should know the obvious reasons why Buhari wouldn’t come.

It takes the right hearing to be able to hear the questions well but it takes the right capacity to be able to give the right answers.

The Vice can deputize as a hearing aid and ‘interpreter’ but that wouldn’t be allowed. Where Aso Rock had once been infested with rats, the doors might have well have been jammed. But we all saw him hand over the presidential, senatorial, ‘governitorial‘ flag to the gubernatorial candidate of that state. Didn’t we? Besides, Buhari already told us why he is contesting; because he won the primaries. Nothing more! And you don’t need a primary 6 certificate to do that. So why bother the old man.

But Atiku! Se o mo age e ni? Let me try and peep into his thinking.

See these people o, they want to embarrass me and put me beside Fela, this young guy with deep rhymes…1959, 1979, 1999, 2019 and motivational quotes? Tufia. When did he finish from OAU sef? Se won mo age mi sha?

Can you imagine, professor is even here. I know I’m not brilliant but must the whole world now compare me with this brain? That’s a colossal disgrace. Oh! I wish I can see the person (Buhari) I resemble here o. Why should I come and embarrass myself alone? Se won more age mi ni?

And see this woman. Chai! Me and a woman? When did the ‘other room’ become Aso villa? If Buhari is not coming, then I’m going. Se won mo age mi ni?

Don’t blame Atiku. He and Buhari are just two sides of the same coin. Birds of the same feather flocks together just that this time, one chose the cows more than the expecting crowd.

And why wouldn’t he when he is preparing for his retirement. After all, they are from the same party APDCP. Why should one be booed and the other excused? 

Blind campaigners for APDCP says “Atiku’s corruption just like Buhari’s integrity remains false unless otherwise proven. Atiku is known to be corrupt and Buhari isn’t any close to integrity.

For how long Nigerians? For how long before we know that they which compare themselves by themselves and measure themselves by themselves are not wise.

In Nigeria, the Indian title ‘three idiots’ don’t always have to be. Two can stage the movie and we will still watch and vote.

We know your age Atiku. Just like your co-aspirant, Buhari, you belong to the Dark Age. And Nigeria isn’t going dark. We’re not going back!

Nigeria deserves better. Let’s leave the elementary A&B, the school of A for Apple; B for Ball. And let’s launch into deep waters.


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