I will still vote Buhari and Osibajo not APC – By Adewale AK Adams

My Vote For Buhari

Their leadership gave us a rare pride that Not All Nigerians are Thieves ….
People are now cautious and stealing government money is now a crime unlike PDP era.

If not for Saraki, the Senate President, a lot of Treasury Looters would have been in prison.

The Senate refused to give a nod to the creation of a special court to attend to over 2,000 cases on Treasury Looters.

BUHARI thought Nigeria should be able to be self sufficient in rice farming, made sure the economy is diversified, made sure government accounts across board is a single account unlike PDP days when ex-ministers were still operating government accounts even in NNPC – lots of unimaginable rots – we now talk about railway round the nation; all in less than 4 years, the roads PDP left unattended to are now being repaired.
Now to AT- I- KU … what is his level of education?
He had diploma in law and diploma in health scienceor public health.

What made him an economy guru? How did he come about his wealth? Under the nose of Obasanjo, he emptied the treasure of the country.
What are his businesses?

These people are just slapping us left and right, front and back. What a shame.
A lot of people we see as leaders in this country are not up to half,they are parasites that feed on people’s blood and they try to wit at best.


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