I was officially welcomed into #NigeriasNewTribe – FEMI ROYAL


It is not just a privilege but a great honor to be selected and celebrated amongst 100 amazing young people doing great things in the last year for The Future Africa Award.

I was officially welcomed into #NigeriasNewTribe as my Certificate of Nomination was presented to me by the Head of Operations, British Council.

My joy knew no bounds especially being reminded that it wasn’t ever rosy, it has been a roller coaster drive to not only conceptualise and bring to life a sustainable social enterprise that aligns with the SDG of ending hunger and promoting food security but ensuring the organization yields profit and runs itself, herein lies the hardest work.

With the recent exposure to greater opportunities both locally and internationally, my commitment to this drive remain solid. I will continue to not only advocate for Sustainable Agriculture and Agric tech but lead the process of upscaled adoption in emerging markets especially Nigeria.

It is my sincere hope that we will get it right as a nation in our Food and Agriculture sector and a Food secure Nigeria will be achieved eventually.



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