“I got only N145k out of N30m” Iyanya reveals in New Interview

CEO of Made Men Music, Ubi Franklin
CEO of Made Men Music, Ubi Franklin

Derin Olatunji

Popular Nigerian celebrity singer has opened up about his time with Triple MG label.

The CEO of Made Men Music, Ubi Franklin has reacted to the allegations made by Nigerian celebrity singer Iyanya.

In a recent Instagram post, Ubi shared a series of conversations between him and Iyanya, and documents debunking the claims made against him. In the caption he commented on how Iyanya’s accusations are lies he made up to make himself look good.

However, Iyanya has since commented on the post, questioning the authenticity of said documents. His comment read:

‘’So made men started as a company in 2016? How about documents prior to 2016? Your days of lying to the world is over mr business man, people are not stupid brov”

To which Ubi replied, warning Iyanya not to comment on his page.

See conversation below:

The rift started when Iyanya opened up about why he left Made Men Music in an interview with Bolanle Olukanni on The Juice at NdaniTV. He claimed that he didn’t sell his shares of the company, but was forced to leave “because there was so much darkness.”

“When I said it was darkness, I was not myself anymore because I felt like there was no trust anymore. Because at the time I was singing I co-owned Made Men with Ubi but I later realized that my name was not in any of the forms I signed… and I was broken… and that was the beginning of me just saying to hell with everything.” The hurt of being betrayed could still be felt in his voice as he looked like his mind went back to that time. He continued “To be honest, Mr. Amanju Pinnick was the one that brought us together because at that point, my spirit, my mind, my soul left the whole thing, at that point I was like I don’t care, I’m going to start all over, as long as I’m happy. as long as I’m in a good space to make music, I’m fine.”

A few days after his interview on The Juice, he had another interview with Daddy Freeze on Cool FM, where he opened up further about the past actions of the Triple MG CEO.

He said he had blindly signed the CAC forms which Ubi brought to him and 1 year later was advised by an old classmate to personally check the documents which he did only to discover that his name wasn’t even on the document.

He also said that during his time with the label, Ubi had attempted to cause a rift between Tekno and himself and only gave him N145k out of the N30m from his hit song ‘Duro.’ That was when he decided things weren’t adding up.

At the end of the interview, he insisted that Ubi had ruined many lives and hoped he would change soon.


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