Hero David Millz Drops Hero EP

Hero Album - Hero David Millz
Hero Album - Hero David Millz

To God be the glory for making this dream for years come through, appreciation to all my family, friends, and most importantly my fans for believing in me and always being a source of motivation to my musical career.

HERO EP comprises of my nine (9) of my sounds from the past five (5) years ago till date but I’m glad to share this extended play of mine titled HERO with the entire world. 

The EP is a body of my sounds, I call it mindful music. Each track has a fact message it’s passing across about living and surviving here on the street.

Hero David Millz - HERO EP
Hero David Millz – HERO EP

Pray For Yourself: Is the Introduction track I created to share a message to my listeners to be mindful and focus on their self in anything you do. Its a memory of a very tough and hard time when I had to believe in me and God that things would be better.

Soup Wey Sweet: This is a beat-driven song, my love for afrobeat and success is the key driver to bring easy and ginger to every hustler out there.

Journey: A mindful Afrobeat – comforting song. We are all hopeful that our struggle holdS a great future in the journey of life

Wild Omo Mummy: Represents life after university on the street on Lagos, living around Ajuwon, Akute, Iju Ishaga. The lack of street and the aftermath of living on the street defines me as Wild Omo Mummy.

Big shout out to Mrs Adeleke (mummy Elemboro), Mummy Jerry, Payus, Richolo, Sir  Bam Bam, Jerry, Biodun, Abigail and Elemboro sure bro and to the entire Ajuwon hood for there acceptance and love.

Your Love: Love is supreme to all feelings when it hits you, this is an expression of love to lovers out there that Love Never Dies regardless of the experience.

Abi: Done and released in 2018, it’s a fusion I created to be a bang in the clubs. It’s a story of a lady that once jilted me and we later met at a club where am been celebrated, and she’s all trying to be with me. Some ladies out there always hunt for who is popping heavy to fams in the club.

Ile Aye: A reality created I’d like to share through music. In life, we all need to be careful, so many fake people all around. I hope this song keeps you mindful and conscious so you can always stay safe.

Real Ones: A bonus track specially dedicated to all my real-ones. This is a freestyle experience all through 2017. I lost my house and had to find someone to at-least manage with for some time but then and then I realized only a few were there to help but I had to still stay positive.

Great – Great Things: A bonus track done 2015 and released it as a single 2016. Produced by Vstix Mixed and Mastered by WaliTali.


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