Gafar’s Kitchen a Subsidiary of Gafar Food Plaza

Gafar Kitchen Food
Gafar Kitchen Food

Food indeed is an essential commodity for body growth and development. However, most foods today deter the primary functions of food nutrients as a result of many factors including the method of preparation.

Gafar’s Kitchen a subsidiary of Gafar food plaza is that place you can get safe foods at affordable prices.
For your events and indoor catering, contact us today at Gafar’s kitchen for that unique taste and sumptuous meal for both indoor and outdoor catering services. Busy mums, Bachelors and Spinsters can employ our services to stock their freezers with varieties of dishes for the week ahead.
Get us on:

WhatsApp: 08024792463
Mobile Number: 08165869173
Facebook: Gafar Food Plaza
IG: @tundeology

Gafar’s kitchen……… A name you can trust in safe and delicious meals


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