#ForTheMillionsYetUntold – Ransome Adewale

Ransome Adewale

Many folks were taught that signs and wonders, tongues, healing and miracles ended with the early church and the Apostles.

Some died in sickness and others deformed throughout their lives believing it was God’s will or a means for them to learn His ways or some lessons.

Others were taught that being poor is godliness and that owing good and expensive stuffs in this world is a trap to miss heaven.

Many refused to start businesses, own houses, cars and some chose not to marry considering Jesus might come any moment and it would just be a waste if they invest fortune and time to have them.

Even when they are gifted with good and nice things, they feel guilty to have and use them.

Many grew old waiting for the ‘rapture’, they refused to work, they begged to feed to feed families, could not send kids to school. Some lavished in debt, frustrations and waited an escape to heaven to end their miseries.

One of devil’s ploys is to make people believe it is not God’s will to be prosperous and still be a vibrant Christian.


A minister of the gospel must not join the devil to desensitize people on God’s goodness. The gospel is simply “good news”, it must produce faith, hope and love in heart of the hearer when communicated. Even correction or rebuke must produce love, stir up faith and give rays of hope.

The believer is saved to be the light of the world, to be the salt of the earth, to bring Jesus into every sphere of endeavours from ministry, to politics, to business etc.

You may need to hear a Dr. Price or Charles Capps to understand the message of faith. You may need to read some E. W Kenyon‘s materials to understand the doctrine of righteousness.

You may need to listen to a T. L Osborn or Benny Hinn to understand how healing works or a Kenneth Copeland on prosperity.

You may need to listen to a Ravi Zacharias on how atheists can be converted while still in business with them. It is important you find out and agree with what God’s word says about them and the people God is using or had used mightily in that arena.

Teachings shape our lives and no man can rise above his persuasions, what he hears, believes and endorses.

We become what we hear or believe. Any gospel that would not stir up faith in you, give you hope, establish you in the love of God and stir you up for kingdom relevance is bad news.

Christianity is a call to effectiveness, not dormancy. Christianity is a call to change the world.


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