El-Rufai Has Spoken and We Should Be Worried – Ayobola Eniola

The elections are around the corner and we should be worried.


There are no loose words. They come from somewhere; from a thought, a knowledge, or an experience. They are even more powerful and indicative of what may be when they are spoken by men of great influence and power. To say that Nasir El-Rufai’s threat against foreign forces, who may want to intervene in election matters, is careless and harmless, is to be delusional.

The truth is, it is neither careless nor harmless. How can such a conclusion be arrived at? Based on precedent and pedigree, the two factors that have been taken into consideration, we should be worried about the words that were spoken by the eccentric governor.

One does not carelessly use specifics such as “body bags” in a statement that is as worrying as the implied outcome if such statement were to be true. How can one carelessly transit from a simple conversation on foreign observation and intervention during the elections, to murder and body bags? This isn’t a CSI show. And to think that the governor belongs to a party that has a zero-tolerance policy for hate (and violence-inciting) speech, and has even gone on record condemning its purveyance.

There is a need to recall that the plight of the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Walter Onnoghen, has already been condemned by the local and International community as a coup against democracy and a desperate attempt by the ruling party to clamp down on any opposition against its bid to retain power in the forthcoming elections. To then hear a governor, who is renowned for his intolerance against criticism, make such grave declaration, is worrying.

Could it be that there are actually plans in motion to kill and conceal in body bags,  those that would come and intervene, should the election be anything but free and fair? The elections are around the corner and we should be worried.


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