Don’t stop being YOU- the YOU God created – By Mo’ Omoregee Idowu

Mo' Omoregee Idowu
Mo' Omoregee Idowu

In the past week, I learnt a valuable lesson which is that nobody and I mean absolutely nobody should have the power to turn you into that person you most certainly don’t want to be. It doesn’t matter what they do/don’t do and it doesn’t matter what they say/don’t say…..when its all said and done, the most important thing is that you stay true to your credos and identity.

I reckon that situations would sometimes bring changes that are quite pertinent but if that change is not positive and not producing growth, check it. Bitterness is a seed that births ugly….and really, God don’t like ugly. We all need to get to that place where we can manage and decide what influences us and how it influences us. Indeed, there is a way to take a stand without compromising your values and standards.

The next guy/lady you court doesn’t have to be ill treated because your ex didn’t know any better. You don’t have to restrain yourself from being a blessing because your kindness was spat on. There’s no need to become cold and unfeeling because your gentleness was taken for granted. You have a choice, you get to choose your actions/re-actions.

Don’t stop being YOU- the YOU God created, let go of bad habits, attitude and wrong mindsets but never let anyone turn you into what you most certainly are not. Keep being kind, loving, good, patient, friendly, gentle, joyful, happy and beautiful. Don’t stop doing what you know to do, the right thing and in due time, ye shall be rewarded.


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