December in Lagos

Mayor of Lagos Concert 2018
Mayor of Lagos Concert 2018

For us we real Lagosians, we honestly can’t wait for everyone that is going to the village to just leave as the events in December are on the way, having spent most of the year in traffic, is a traffic-free December too much to ask for Biko?


While the government are taking a special attention to making the waterways a functioning means of transportation as there are projects on the way for jetties and provision of more boats and ferries to help ease the gridlock.

There are certain rules to follow in preparation when you are heading out;

  • Do not drive alone with bags or possessions clearly visible either in the passenger’s seat or the back seats
  • Do not drive and simultaneously use your mobile devices, as I have seen a calm Netflix and the in traffic, my man put his mobile on the speedometer and shuttled his focus between the road and the series he was watching. However, the streets now know and have taken advantage of this to help you keep your devices for you and if you have ever lost a mobile device without a backup on the cloud it feels like your life is about to come to an end, so my best advice is to keep your devices out of plain sight.
  • For those that commute with public transport you know to keep your mobile devices and purses clinched and on guard at all times, especially when boarding and alighting the buses. 
  • There has been an increase in the number of broken glass incidents on unsuspecting drivers and passengers.
C-Protect Anti -Glass Break Solution to avoid broken glass incidents and traffic robbery

Looking for to an awesome and amazing December ahead as it seems that almost every day this December is packed with an event or show.


Check our next post on concert necessities and list of events not to miss this December 2018. 

Stay Safe!


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