Clapping for the Wrong Reasons

We are in constant need for an increase in endorphin and dopamine level

Clapping for the wrong reason
Clapping for the wrong reason

The easiest way to live in Nigeria, Lagos to be precise is by these words, “I cannot come and go and kill myself”.

What this means is simple and can be translated into several things – I would do my part and leave the rest for God, if I let office workload kill me, my replacement will be “we are hiring”.

So why would you kill yourself when “brain e o lazzdent”, we remain undefeated and our will to excel/succeed is second to none, evidence of this is a thriving import/export all the way in China, living in a “hostile” environment as Nigerians are one of the most ambitious and also envied African people.

Tweet and Video Credit: Awele Emili

The way to find peace of some sort within the traffic jams and tight deadlines is to scurry the internet and look for a reason to smile or laugh are posts shares from KraksTV, to Ikorodu boyz to Tunde Ednut.

We are in constant need for an increase in endorphin and dopamine level because we are all going through the same struggle so why would I not help my fellow brother and sister out?

But, and here’s the BUT yes let’s not get distracted or sidetracked this rat race in this city called Lagos with all the brains and expertise in Nigeria are not taking power into our hands, we laugh at our visiting President, star boy’s Helicopter, jagaban’s net worth and control of this state and come December pack all our savings to watch our faves perform at the same Eko hotel and Eko Atlantic, and restart the hardship the coming yeah.

Elections are this coming weekend.

Vote wisely!


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