Check Your Spam Messages! – Oyindamola Johnson

Oyindamola Johnson
Oyindamola Johnson

If we only knew the amount of important information that head to our spam messages, we would check that section of our emails daily. 

Sometimes, there’s lots of garbage and unwanted information in our spam folder, but oftentimes, very important information heads there too. So, it pays to keep an eye on it as much as possible.

Most times, when you receive an email from a source that you don’t regularly receive from, it sometimes goes straight to spam. That’s why there’s an option to choose from “Not Spam” which then ensures emails from that source goes straight to your main inbox. 

(Photo Credit ~ Chris Kristiansen)

Same goes with “filtered” messages on Facebook inbox. Due to certain algorithms, not every message makes it to your main inbox, but when you check your “filtered” messages occasionally, you’ll be surprised with the many messages you never got to see.

A request for a media interview with me once went to my “filtered” messages on Facebook. Only saw it 1-year later.

So, have you checked your spam messages today?



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