In fairness, I would be irresponsibly unfair to deny Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari his deserved self-acclaimed integrity status. Though I hate him with hate-hatred, I would be exhibiting unjustifiable injustice to pretend that he is not a man of self-acclaimed integrity, integrity? Of course, I route from the perspective of his limited understanding of the true meaning of integrity.

To me, Buhari is a man of intrigued integrity, I will neither take him with the minutest iota of integrity nor condemn his planned reelection as the incumbent President of the federal Republic of Nigeria, to take Nigerians to #NEXTLEVEL.

However, what patriotic Nigerians, not the “Baba sope,” nor the “Buharihood” should be bothered about now is, what is this next level.? While we reconcile all his antecedents in Nigeria’s Apex office for the past three and half years, I still hold tenaciously to my conviction that our guy (Buhari), is simply, a man of intrigued integrity.

The word “integrity” is noteworthy here, at least, for the first time it would place me on the same page with the “Buharihood” and the “Baba sope”


Recall that, at the ceremony to officially flag off his 2019, Presidential reelection campaign, Buhari unveiled his campaign slogan – #NEXTLEVEL. Ordinarily, one would be wondering why Buhari, who came to saddle three and half years ago on highly orchestrated “Change” mantra election, hitherto have no visible positive change imparted on the lives of those who by choice, plunged into self illusion by being irresponsibly foolish, and keep following a man with questionable and insincere dispositions to keep to his words, an aberration of integrity.

But wait! would it be said with utmost sincerity that Buhari did not keep to his promised change? Once again, I would play the devil’s advocate here, though I still maintain my hate-hatred on him.

Suffice to rub in this, that Buhari is one and only Nigerian ruler in record history, cut across nooks and crannies of Nigeria, that wore the toga of integrity undeservedly.

This brings to fore, the true understanding of the word “Integrity”

If most Nigerians had not chosen to toe the path of stupidity, Buhari’s self-acclaimed integrity placed side by side in his dealings with Nigerians overtime, is not only skewed, but also a ruse. Therefore, he is nothing close to integrity in its true meaning.

Unfortunately, the Buharihood are so myopically silly to see beyond their nose as Buhari keeps playing on their collective intelligence with impunity.

But does this really bother Onyesarah? Nope!

My worry however, is APC’ stereotype system of government which, I keep wandering why these handlers of Mr. Muhammadu Buhari are nothing but a constituent of learned illiterates and educated dullards who does not have mind and brain of their own to fathom out something unique using their own initiative without plagiarizing. This is highly worrisome!

Recall that Buhari’s inaugural speech on 29/05/2015, was a dialectic of global shame on Nigerians, that, of all the numberless Nigerian intellectuals of worth and reputes, dotted globally, President Muhammadu Buhari could not recognize one that could prepare a well packaged speech befitting of the President of a country ranked giant of African Continent, and by extension, President of the most populous black race on planet earth, without plagiarizing at least for these enviable reasons. More so, where, Nigeria was poised to showcase to the watching world the only saintly folk on Sub-Saharan Africa.
Ironically, beyond the expectations of the watching world, our man came up with nonsense “I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody,” a stolen quote originally credited to late Charles de Gaulle of France.

Rather than hide our faces in guilt and shame, for showcasing, according to America’s President Donald J. Trump, a “Lifeless” folk to the world contrary to her expectations .

How do I mean?

Anyone who copied another folk’s work without copyright permission is a thief and should be treated accordingly. Buhari and his handlers are culpable on plagiarizing other people’s work. Therefore, he has no moral justifications to parade himself as a man of integrity. Ascribing such status to him by the Buharihood is gross aberration.

Buhari’s quest for another tenure of four years to take Nigeria to #NEXTLEVEL does not pull a hair on Onyesarah because it is an ambition better tagged “Dead On Arrival,” which, could have been possible if only the southwest votes by “Baba sope” would determine his victory. But, because he lacked godly wisdom, he should have read the ominous handwriting vividly written on the wall of his political relevance. That his official stay on Aso rock is just meters away to outskirt of Daura, Katsina state, as the time frame to 2019, Presidential elections ticks away in seconds.

My bellyache however, is Buhari’s insistence on backward trends in a highly civilized world where, with his computer and his finger on the cursor, in split seconds he would come up with unimaginable display of intelligence.

Therefore, plagiarizing “NEXTLEVEL” Logo is the worst insult by Buhari’s regime on Nigeria sovereignty. It is condemnable and unacceptable.

Yes, Next level is an English word loosely used by many folks all over the world, but plagiarizing the work made with the word by someone’s intelligence is criminal. 
If he (Buhari), had put aside pride, humble himself, and plead to Nigerians to design his #NEXTLEVEL logo for him to avoid plagiarizing the original work, we have intelligent Nigerians who could have used his APC party logo – Broom to design his #NEXTLEVEL logo.

The question is, what is the correlation between the broom and the Next level logo? Nothing! These guys are just being foolish.

Be it as it were, it is imperative that we preempt Mr. Muhammadu Buhari’s #NEXTLEVEL 2019-2023 agenda, with reference from the level he took over from his predecessor, to the level he kept Nigeria from 2015 to date. Probably, a Nigerian Haman would be hanged in the same gallows he dug for Mordecai.

Make no mistake, President Muhammadu Buhari came on saddle with five-point agenda, therefore, his progressions or retrogression so far, would definitely point Nigerians, to the Next level he would take them to.

Sentiments apart, from records, Buhari’s best policy ever, which, those who have sincerely followed his antecedents, knows him with this nine letter words, “Recession.”

Buhari is a renown sole agent of recession, he has unbroken covenant with recession, recession is the only language he can speak fluently, his life ambitions can not be achievable without recession.

He derives joy unspeakable whenever he plunges Nigeria into recession. He demonstrated it in 1984-1985, when he was Nigeria military Head of state.

In 2015, shortly after his inauguration as Nigeria President, he came up with the policy he knows how best to play, by plunging the country into the worst recession ever. These are his trademarks, therefore, I would be worst than a nonentity to guess what Buhari’s #NEXTLEVEL portends to Nigerians.

Howbeit, I want to assure him, the “Baba sope,” and the “Buharihood” that, he won’t have his way again this time around, because we will not only pressure him out of Aso rock, we shall do it humiliatingly.

I speak as a local Dudu from Orika Kingdom, and as a wise folk from the East.


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