It is imperative I remind you my fellow Kwarans that long before now, we have been scouting for credible alternative candidates to pull weight behind for the progress and development of Kwara state in all election both National Assembly, presidential, Guber and state assembly.

We had thought the lunch of liberation in Kwara will be real deal and optimistically looking up to the candidates from the two major political parties in the state. The PDP and APC.

I lost confidence in the scam LIBERATION MOVE immediately none of the generations we can call young promising Kwarans, locally brewed could secure the ticket, even those from comrade community in the movement were short-changed of their ticket, in the manipulated primary that brought Forte the heinous intention of liberation pilots. It was in the news that the highest bidder took the day.

I had thought that credibility may be the hallmark credential for choice of flag bearer from the team chanting liberation but the reversed was the case.

One will recall the finest political figure in the race for liberation, an erudite scholar, independent descendant of Ilorin emirate, architect of academic stability of better by far university in Nigeria, prudent public administration, a professor, former vice-Chancellor of University of Ilorin and former chairman of Federal character commission who had facilitated thousands of jobs for young Kwarans was manipulated out of the primary, very unfortunate for a business tycoon with no investment in social and philanthropic developmental stride in Kwara before now, zero education, youth or women support foundation and zero performance reference score card in public service but was able to give 1billion Naira to party leaders in the state got the ticket.

Remember that a house built on faulty foundation can never stand test of time, and the fear of unknown as money invested to muscle primary may be needed to exhume back from state treasury which will drag us back to square one again.

The critical implication of this on kwarans can be in the following area.

Other states who have lost control centre of their state to external factor such as Osun state who continue to have her successive governors from Lagos cabinet are still in pain and battle to take back the political Power. Kogi is a latest victim.

Ekiti could not get a fresh hand but to repeat Lagos tested and confirm personality. Ondo State is in bad look because the Lagos certified lost the ticket on Osun intervention of power within.

If the emergency liberator is given a chance, be ready to have successive governors from Lagos cabinet and me and you who have no Lagos cabinet certification have lost hope in leading our dear state.

Let kwarans rule kwarans, internal battle is easily won than external one.


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