Before The Night: The Day After The Election


By Abiodun Fijabi

We have plied this road many times before. Elections are for winning and losing. Yet, at every election cycle, we see the arrogance of the winners and the belligerence of the losers, setting the stage for a nightfall on our fragile day. 

How many of us can stand the night with all of its vulnerabilities? Groping in the dark is one experience our nation does not need at this time.

When for 16 years PDP arrogantly and firmly held to the reins of power, we thought they were never going to let go of it. For years, we thought the North would never willingly relinquish power to a Southerner.

Twenty years after, the opposition is playing the familiar card by vowing not to accept the results of the just concluded Presidential elections.

Soon, the ruling party will arrogantly read out the riot act. If the resulting stalemate is prolonged or intractable or both, it becomes externalized, with powerful nations taking sides and escalating our internal conflict.

Whoever wants this nation to descend into the abyss like Venezuela had better do a rethink. That scenario will leave all of us on the losing side.

It is therefore prudent for PDP – the main opposition party -to cool her temper and for APC to display magnanimity.

If PDP is convinced injustice has been done, she should seek redress within the constitutional provisions, as flawed as they are.

She should be assured that the winners’ victory party will not last forever. After all, the PDP which once boasted of ruling the country for 60 to 100 years is today in opposition.

And the ragtag opposition of yesteryears is today in power.

Before the night is ominously cast over the nation, the two major parties should realize that in politics, as in life itself, neither winning nor losing lasts forever.


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