Bayelsa Gubernatorial Election: Governor Dickson at the Market Square – Ademola Oyedeji

By Ademola Oyedeji

Governor Dickson at the Market Square
Governor Dickson at the Market Square

Politicians always forget their history. They don’t want to know how they got to power so far they have power already. Governor Seriake Dickson was dancing close to the market square before the election and finally turned to masquerade after the election.

Never attempt to outshine your master was one of the laws of power. The Governor did everything in his capacity to humiliate former President Goodluck Jonathan. He ensured his candidate Timi Alaibe crushed at the primaries. In a fair contest, there was absolutely no way Senator Diri will defeat Timi Alaibe who his President Jonathan’s candidate.

Alaibe has been in the picture of Bayelsa politics for close to 20 years. The gubernatorial candidate of PDP and his running mate are both current members of the Senate, this is also one of the antics of Governor Dickson to create a route to the senate as a retirement home. Then massive defection from PDP to APC started 2 months to election and the governor felt it was normal movement towards a major election.

Dickson and Diri went to battle without adequate soldiers and they crumbled like trash. This makes it easy for David Lyon of APC and the result shows clearly a total rejection of the governor and his gang.

Everything ends in calamitous form. His greed to go to the senate after leaving government house backfired right at the market square. History will remember him as the man that crumbled PDP in Bayelsa because of selfish interest and poor performance.


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