Adebutu’s Faction Mocks Iperu Remo For Total Blackout

Ladi Adebutu Oladipupo
Ladi Adebutu Oladipupo

Whatever you sow, you shall reap but this is not the case of indigenes and residents of Iperu Remo after their rigorous support for the son of the soil, Prince Dapo Abiodun during the campaign.

The Ladi Adebutu faction now mocks people all over Remo, claiming if they had supported and voted Adebutu it won’t be this bad for the town that produces the governor, despite the fact that Adebutu was unable to get the Peoples Democratic Party PDP Governorship ticket

A visit the town for interview among the indigenes and residents of Iperu Remo make it clear as some claimed their support for Abiodun cut off their relationship with Adebutu but still Abiodun has refuse to make them proud.

Iperu being the most populous town in Ikenne local government is said to have been experiencing blackout for over three months even though the executive governor of the State happens to be from Iperu Remo.

Speaking with some of the residents a lot of reaction was gathered as follows:

An indigene identified as Mr Hussain, who happens to be among the youth coordinators of Dapo Abiodun campaign team said, “The only I can say is that we are facing the problem of government throughout Remo as a whole, while Iperu as the head of clan happen to suffer it most and some of the problems are from the faction of Dapo Abiodun and Ladi Adebutu.

“For the past three to four months we are experiencing what we call blackout throughout Iperu Remo which should not be, the town that owns the sitting governor now suffer it most it’s very disheartening. How many of us can go oke-mosan to seek information about the government plans and achievement rather we want it on our streets, towns and Communities”.

Another indigenes, Adekunle Banjo said, “For us here in Iperu Remo we believe for any town that produces a Governor, some things should be enjoyed adequately by them.

“One of the major things to enjoy is Electricity: any town that owns the governor, the first thing they enjoy is electricity even if someone visits the town he or she must be able to enjoy adequate power supply”.

A resident, Abiola Olanrewaju expressed that. “Since I was born, the style of electricity sharing formula I know of is ‘one day on, one day off’ but when this blackout was about to begin they brought in a sharing formula of ‘one day on, two days off’. It was good at first when we start, at least the one day we make use of it for over 15hours

“It should be one day on, one day off. But it was a reverse order in Iperu what we have is a day on and two days off which is not supposed to be so. Many of us subscribe to it at the end since we have no option not until the one day on becoming two to four hours throughout a whole day appointed as on.

“Everything has totally turned upside down, after the new year, we have a prayer Methodist Church and Anglican Church do organise, the prayer host is rotated among the eminent personalities in Iperu, for God so good the prayer was hosted by the Keshington Adebutu Family, both indigenes and residents stormed the venue and also use this medium to informed Adebutu about the state of Iperu Town.

“Immediately, Adebutu got the news, he called the governor, we are all present and the response the governor said he was not aware of anything of such. Many of us were about interrupting him but we were told to remain calm since he has promised to find a solution to it”.

Another resident, identified as Emmanuel said, “After he won the election, he constructed street light at the Iperu Junction, where is petroleum station is situated and for some months the street light was working perfectly. We approach him over the issue of blackout but he claimed not to be aware of the blackout but he can easily see that the street light he constructed is not working anymore, he sometime come into his home here in Iperu very late at night, how is it possible for him not to notice such?”.

Azeez Aderibgbe also confirms that the governor has always made promises which he has never fulfil one of them to convince the citizen of the state.

He said, “During the Akesan Day in Iperu here, he promises a lot of things not in Iperu only but also in neighbouring towns up till now we see no changes rather it getting worst.

“For the past 16years Iperu has never enjoy any dividends of government from any of the past governor’s, and we believe now we have our son at the peak of Ogun State affairs.

“We have not seen anything, we have a lot of abandoned project in Iperu, which he promised to complete for the people of Iperu to enjoy, all these is an abuse to the government, there’s a slogan that now goes round in Iperu “Awa Lani Governor, Awa lama je iya ju” We owns the Governor, we will lack most, which is not suppose to be so.

“The Ogun State Government are slow in policy making and decision making, most especially our governor, before he becomes the governor they were a lot of agitation against his candidacy which a lot of people testify to it but we believe since is the only Remo candidate we have no choice than to vote him in”.


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