Access Bank has been underrated all this while


It was Access Bank that acquired the then”Almighty” Intercontinental Bank. Remember the Scheme of Arrangement (“the Scheme”) and a Private Placement was agreed by the Boards of both Access Bank and Intercontinental Bank through the execution of a Transaction Implementation Agreement (TIA) on July 6th, 2011 that led to the acquirement of Intercontinental Bank by Access Bank?

Now Access Bank acquired “Solid” looking Diamond Bank. In a press statement signed by the Diamond BankCompany Secretary and Legal Adviser, Mr Uzoma Uja today confirms that Diamond Bank’s scheme to merge with Access Bank

“Access Bank is like that Big Boy in Sango Otta that can comfortably buy the entire Street in Lekki Phase 1” ~ Oyedeji Nurudeen Ademola 


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