2023: Bola Tinubu Identifies Disease Deadlier Than Coronavirus in Nigeria

Old Ambition-Virus 2023 Deadlier Than Coronavirus - Tinubu
Old Ambition-Virus 2023 Deadlier Than Coronavirus - Tinubu

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has blasted Nigerian politicians already warming up for 2023.

Tinubu in a statement to DAILY POST commended the Lagos, Ogun and Federal Governments for their quick response in tackling the dreaded Covid-19 disease but noted that another virus, more deadly than the coronavirus was already eating deep into the society.

The former Lagos Government identified the new illness as “old ambition-virus 2023,” adding that it afflicts many in the political class along with their allies in the media.

According to Tinubu, those touched by this illness find that their ability to tell time and discern the difference between the present and the future has been strongly impaired.

He added, “Due to early responses of Lagos and Ogun state governments, actively supported by the federal machinery, Nigeria was able to quickly identify and isolate the two cases of the novel Coronavirus 19.

“This action, thus far, has stopped the spread of the disease into the wider community as has been seen in other nations. We are grateful to God and to all those involved in the response effort, particularly the brave and committed medical teams on the frontline.

“While Corona has been presently contained in Nigeria, we must be alert to another sickness that seems rampant within a certain segment of society. That sickness is old Ambition-virus 2023.

“This illness afflicts many in the political class along with their allies in the media. Those touched by this malady find that their ability to tell time and discern the difference between the present and the future has been strongly impaired.

“The carriers of this sickness are confused as to the very season our nation now finds itself. They conflate things which no sensible person would conflate.

“The primary symptom of their malady is the driving tendency to believe the events of 2023 will be decided before we even exit the year 2020.

“Consequently, everything they say and do is geared toward obsessive jockeying for position to control and manipulate a race still three years away. In doing so, they recklessly undermine the very party which they claim to serve and weaken the administration of President Buhari to which they claim to be loyal.

“They line up to run a race for which the track has not yet been constructed. Put another way, they seek to pluck the fruit before the seed is planted. As such, their actions border on the pathological. True, ambition is inherent in human endeavour. Without it, nothing great is achieved.

“However, strong ambition applied in the wrong way has never done anything positive. At best, it results in confusion. Usually, its2023: Bola Tinubu identifies disease deadlier than Coronavirus in Nigeria results in something worse. No matter how great one’s ambition and how able one may be, nobody can rush or speed time.

“That is beyond the realm of human capacity. To do so is to contest against fate itself. When it ends, such a contest rarely ends well.”

In a well-structured society, people come to understand that the time for politics is seasonal; it is periodic. The responsibilities of governance are what is perpetual. Many of our politicians sadly have inverted this reality.

Politics and electioneering are secondary to governance for they are but the tools of governance, the platforms by which one demonstrates his or her worthiness to lead a great people.

The more a person obsesses over and constantly engages in political manoeuvring is a warning sign. Not only is he prone to the 2023 virus. He likely has little to offer in the way of good governance. He wants to hold public office that you might serve him not he serve you.

For if he had adequately studied and been acquainted with the ways and means of progressive governance, he would be focused on that important task at the present moment. He certainly would not drown himself and all around him in harmful political intrigue.


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